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May 1, 2018 -- Travel Day

Travel day and all the nonsense that goes with it . . .

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San Francisco Fly-over

San Francisco Fly-over

Up at the usual time to finish packing. I had forgotten the itineraries for inside our suitcases so used our printer as a copier to make them. Fed Mimi and put out her cat food for the sitters then killed time until 9:30. Left for Sabores del Sur restaurant in Walnut Creek to meet Peg. Used Google on my phone to find it. She was waiting for us there so we ordered and then opened birthday and Mother’s Day gifts before our lunches arrived. Peg said her empanada was good but our pork lomitos were pretty mediocre. We each ate half and gave up. Next time we’ll find another restaurant.

Peg drove us to BART and she took our car while Ed and I took the escalator up to catch our train to the airport. An hour later we arrived at the San Francisco International Airport. We found Virgin Atlantic and discovered I couldn’t open our boarding passes on my phone. Had no trouble with Air France last September. Fortunately, I had printed them too so we left our bags and headed for “Priority” Security. Typical fiasco . . . shoes off, coats off, dump everything in bins and naturally even though I didn’t set off any alarms, I was pulled for a pat-down and my hands were swabbed with something icky. Dumb! We finally pulled ourselves together and walked to the gate where I signed into SFO free wifi and pulled up our now-redundant boarding passes. At Air France both passes pop right up and you can swipe from one to the other. Virgin Atlantic hasn’t quite got it figured out yet. I’m now charging my phone and put in Ed’s SIM card for Europe . . . and we wait.

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September and Back to England

September 4, 2018 and getting from California back to England . . . northern England this time.

San Francisco International Airport on our way to Manchester, UK

San Francisco International Airport on our way to Manchester, UK

Day one but we won’t see England until tomorrow morning. Woke to our alarm and were nearly packed so not a lot to do except get Mimi’s kitty things ready. Everything is all set for her sitter who comes this afternoon. Had breakfast, cleaned up a little and loaded the car. Traffic was very heavy but Google routed us around the worst of it. We got to Peg’s in two hours, got her house key and gave her our car keys. She drove us to the BART Station where we used our Clipper cards. We had a 20-minute wait and an hour ride to the San Francisco Airport (SFO).

Ed remembered where Virgin Atlantic is hidden at the end farthest from BART so we hiked down. Amazingly, my phone worked to check the bags and get our boarding passes. Last May it wouldn’t pull up our check-in at SFO. Big improvement! Then came security and they walked Ed around it while pulling me for a pat-down and a hand swab. Someone ahead of us was flustered enough that they walked off without their passport. It was sitting in a bin with their small change. They probably won't get too far without it and at least their name is in it. The Security fellow thought it was mine and when I said it wasn't, he immediately started trying to find the long-departed owner.

Found our gate and got seats near an electrical outlet so I could recharge my phone. I put Ed’s SIM card in at home and put mine in while we waited at the airport. We got a ham and cheese croissant and a couple bottles of water and settled in to wait. Finally boarded and are in the air . . .

Last time we were going to southwest England so flew into London Heathrow. This time we're visiting northern England so we decided to fly into Manchester . . . a new experience.

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